Swedish cuisine, and worldwide interest in it, has grown exponentially over the last 20 years. Zagat just placed Swedish restaurants in the number two and number three positions in the top ten restaurants in the world and there are three Swedish restaurants on Pellegrino's World's 50 Best Restaurants list. October of 2012 saw the Swedish National Team sweep the Culinary Olympics, in all major categories. 

In 2011, a Swedish chef won 2nd place in Bocuse d’Or and then in 2015 won 3rd place (Scandinavian chefs took all 3 top prizes - and in the last 6 competitions 11 of the 18 top prizes) as well as numerous other international cooking competitions. In recognition of its world standing, Bocuse d’Or Europe, with 16 countries competing, was held in Stockholm 2014. First place was won by Sweden (with Denmark in second place and Norway in third). 

The number of Michelin-starred restaurants has increased and several Swedish chefs have opened restaurants outside the country. Swedish food is now the darling of media worldwide and especially in the U.S.


Swedish Culinary Summer uses food as the universal ambassador to "open the doors" at key charity events in the Hamptons during the summer season: a full summer of top Swedish chefs, food, beverages and consumer goods. Swedish Culinary Summer will be a yearly occurrence and serve as a premier Swedish showcase for tourism, business development and investment.


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