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Swedish Culinary Summer involves 15 renowned award winning chefs from all around Sweden, some from Michelin starred restaurants and a majority are winners of the Swedish Chef of the Year Award, "Årets Kock". All have credentials that make them of prime interest to the events in the Hamptons, the audience and media there, and represent the finest in Swedish cuisine.


Christian Hellberg

Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire, Stockholm

Christian won the Swedish Chef of the Year Award in 2001 and is a popular tv personality, having hosted a variety of tv shows as well as participating in Chefs' Fight 2012, along with seven other renowned chefs. Christian is now Executive Chef at top-rated steakhouse Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire.




Paul Svensson

Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm

Paul took a 5th place in the 2003 Bocus d'Or (World Championship for chefs) in Lyon, France. He is a popular tv personality, culinary educator and cookbook author. He was also a participant in the tv show Chefs' Fight in 201, competing against seven other top chefs. Today Paul is the Executive Chef of the popular restaurant at acclaimed Fotografiska Museet.


Håkan Thörnström

Thörnströms Kök, Göteborg

Håkan was a member of the Swedih National Culinary Team for eight years and his restaurant has been honoured with a coveted Michelin star since 2011. He has been in charge of innumerous prestigeous events such as the Nobel Dinner, HRM the King's 60th birthday party for 600 guests and major corporate events for Sweden's largest multi-nationals.


Görgen Tidén

Görgen på Höjden, Rättvik

Görgen is a master of natural foods and as such a culinary ambassador with events in Italy and France. His restaurant is located in the countryside in one of Sweden's most popular vacation areas. Görgen has undertaken many VIP events, contributed to several cookbooks and in 2010 he founded Chef's Night®, a summit of Sweden's top chefs.


Anders Vendel

Vendel Restauranger & Sture, Malmö

Operating four magnificent culinary establishments in his Vendel restaurant group, including the newest Vendels Matrum in Lund, Anders is a very prominent culinary ambassador of Southern Sweden. He was for two years the menu creator for all of IKEA, the then largest exporter of Swedish food and Swedish gastronomy across the world.


Jonas Dahlbom

Dahlbom på Torget, Åre


Jonas won the Swedish Chef of the Year Award in 1996 and was chosen to represent Sweden in the World Championship of Professional Cooking, Bocuse d'Or in 2005, where he won Prix Poission for the best fish creation. His restaurant, which he owns with brother Anders, another renowned chef, is in Europe's largest skiresort Åre, Sweden's Aspen.

Malin Söderström, 

Moderna Museet & Hjerta, Stockholm

Malin owns and runs two restaurants on Skeppsholmen in the heart of Stockholm:  in the Moderna Museet (Modern Museum) and the acclaimed Hjerta (“Heart”).  She had previously worked at restaurant “Paul & Norbert” in Stockholm that has been rewarded with a Guide Michelin-star.  Malin was the first woman to become a member of the Swedish Culinary Team and she has appeared on several TV-shows in Sweden. She also had the honor to be a guest-judge on Sweden’s Master Chef TV program.  In 2011 she was the chef responsible for the Nobel Dinner and in 2014 was awarded Sweden’s, Restaurateur of the Year.  Malin is also a cookbook author.


Klas Lindberg

Klas Lindberg Mat & Vin, 


Klas was Årets Kock (Swedish Chef of the Year) in 2012 and also that year was the Gold Medal winner in the Culinary Olympics, as a member of Swedish National Culinary Team! He owns Klas Lindberg Mat & Vin in Stockholm and in charge of development of the restaurant gastronomy at PM & Vänner (PM & Friends) in Växjö in central Sweden, the world’s most environmental conscience city. Previously, Klas had honed his culinary skills working in a number of Michelin starred restaurants: L `Arpège in Paris (three-star), Oro in Oslo (one-star) and 28+ in Gothenburg (one-star)


Magnus Lindström

Swedish Taste, Göteborg

Magnus won the Swedish Chef of the Year Award in 2003 and was twice an European Olympic Gold medalist in Gastronomy. Magnus established Swedish Taste in 2000 as a popular Food & Wine Studio for tastings, cooking lessons and special events. In 2008, Magnus added a top-rated gourmet restaurant to the establishment.


Titti Qvarnström

Bloom in The Park, Malmö

Titti is the first female chef to ever been awarded a Michelin star!  She has been running her restaurant, Bloom in the Park, in Malmö, for five years. Mixing tastes, textures and forms she creates spectacular compositions that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.  She has appeared on BBC as well as the Swedish Nyhetsmorgon and she also participated in the Swedish TV-show, Köksmästarna – “Master Chef”.


Titti had training in Copenhagen and worked at the prestigious restaurant, Rutz Weinbar, in Berlin.  She was awarded with a “Rising Star”-award from Sweden’s White guide in 2010 with the added comment: “Young, interesting chef with the potential to reach international fame for its gastronomy”. 

Elisabeth Johansson


Known as Lakritsdrottning – “Queen of Licorice”, for her unique mastery of that ingredient, Elisabeth Johansson is an internationally renowned chef, pastry chef, food stylist and cookbook author. She has worked many years as a restaurant pastry chef and baker. She’s won both gold and silver medals in the Culinary Olympics and is the only person ever to sit on the juries of both of the two most prestigious culinary competitions in Sweden: Chef of the Year and Pastry Chef of the Year.  

Elisabeth is a diligent, experienced and prolific recipe creator and has written 10 cookbooks including one dedicated just to chocolate, which is also available in English.  She is well known to Swedish TV audiences, especially for her shows with kids as chefs, as well as preparing historic dishes as they would have been prepared in the 1600’s.  Elisabeth also operates her own consulting company and is highly engaged with food and beverage-producers throughout Sweden.  She has also recently created a signature line of spa, hair and skin care products with licorice as a key ingredient.


Josefine Brolund



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